Face RF Machine, Radio Frequency Treatments

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Face Lifting Beauty Machine

Spraying + Electric RF + Blue Light



Five levels of energy adjustable.

Spray skin care products into nanometer size.

Main Functions


Face Lifting


Wrinkle Removal

Improve skin care products absorption


Spraying by voltage vibration, the sprayed skin care product molecules can achieve near nanometre size 0.625 – 0.312µm through their own re-splitting so that the skin care products can quickly be absorbed of the skin deep layer through pore tissue.

Electric RF

The radio frequency electric energy directly acts on the skin, instantly enhance the permeability of the skin tissue. Under the action of electric shock, an electric hole is formed on lipid double layer of cell inner membrane to help it smoothly penetrate and enter the cell inside.

RF Light

Blue light: the light wavelength is 413nm±30nm, it can help the skin care products to anti-acne on the skin secretion, improve skin absorption and relieve muscle tension.